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This article is about the American magazine. For the British magazine of the same title, see UFO Magazine (UK).

UFO Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1.

UFO Magazine was an American magazine that was devoted to the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), as well as paranormal and Fortean subjects in general.

History and profile 

The magazine was founded in 1986 by Vicki Ecker and Sherie Stark. For several years it was published by Bill Birnes and edited by his wife, Nancy Hayfield Birnes. However, the ownership of UFO Magazine has been a well maintained secret, suggesting the possibility that it had been utilized as a manipulation and/or disinformation tool. It was one of the few magazines in print primarily devoted to the UFO phenomena.

With the term “UFO” trademarked in 1998, UFO Magazine was initially published quarterly, then monthly, then bi-monthly, then erratically for several years.

UFO Magazine was published in the United States and had covered every major breaking UFO story from the disclosure that a Soviet Spacecraft had encountered a UFO, to the Apollo Astronauts’ accounts of an alien presence on the Moon. It featured columnists such as Stanton T. Friedman, Nick Redfern, Larry Bryant, George Noory, and Colin Bennett, and included writers such as Ann Druffel, Nigel Watson, and Jaime Maussan. UFO Magazine broke the story of Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso‘s revelations about his involvement in the research of extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident. It also broke the story of Lieutenant Colonel Marion M. Magruder‘s handling of the Roswell crash debris and face-to-face meeting with the Roswell alien; as well as Colonel Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D.’s story of the night his father brought the Roswell debris back to his home before taking it to the Roswell Army Air Field.

There were a total of 158 issues. The final issue, Volume 24, No. 5, Issue #158, was published in early 2012.

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