UFO Magazine India is the First UFO magazine released to acknowledge the topic of UFO’s in India. The first UFO magazine worldwide was founded in the year 1986 by Vicki Ecker and Sherie Stark. There were a total of 158 issues. The final issue, Volume 24, No. 5, Issue #158, was published in early 2012. To create a new milestone in UFO magazines and to create a history in indian UFOlogy, we are here with the first issue of  UFO Magazine India.

This magazine is first of its kind in India devoted to the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), Alien Psychology as well as paranormal.

India has a very complicated , mysterious and one of the oldest civilisation in the world. People have witnessed a lot of extraterrestrial activities in the past,which  are still going on. Millions of UFO sightings and thousands of alien abductees are being reported. There are millions and trillions of misconceptions amongst the Indian population about extraterrestrial issues. And so, therefore to remove these misconceptions,and to enhance the knowledge and attitude of Indian citizens towards this topic, India definitely needed a UFO magazine to stay aware and updated about the UFO’s and alien activities occurring worldwide.

The editor as well as the columnists have put their best efforts to enhance the topics of UFOlogy in order to make people aware about them . International Researchers as well as Indian UFOlogists have cooperated in the content and article publishing of  magazine.

UFO magazine India is the first UFO magazine in  India which has created history in the UFO world. So lets  hope it is able to tingle the brains of people both nationally and internationally.

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