Jeff Krause is the State Director of MUFON Southern California, the State Section Director of MUFON Tri-County, a member of the MUFON STAR Team, a MUFON Field Investigator, and sits on the Board of Directors for MUFON Los Angeles. Jeff has also investigated many fascinating cases, the most notable “The SLO UFO”, and the “Encounter At Edwards”, articles about which can be found on the UFO Digest website.

Author of the blog, “The Field Investigator’s Tool Box”, Jeff is currently working on two books, “The Field Investigator’s Tool Box: Vol. 1”, and “The SLO UFO”, and was recently a member of the experts panel for the movie “Occupants”, directed by Russell Emanuel, at the first inaugural Alien Con in Santa Rosa, California. Jeff is the official expert on parallel universes, parallel dimensions, and quantum theory for “Team Occupants”, which just got the green light for “Occupants 2”, and he is also drawn in the comic book tie-in to the movie.